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Ana Bangueses

My name is Ana. I was born in a small town in Galicia. Since I was a little girl I have studied the violin, painting and drawing. I have always had the motivation of improving my knowledge in several skills related with creative areas. I have always felt drown towards design in general. I came to study design to Barcelona because my teachers of A-levels in Arts recommended me this city as a very interesting place where I can make the most of all the oportunities in Design that the city offers. Now, I’m doing my final year and after I had developed several projects, I feel really grateful that I have chosen the courses and the city that I have. I’ve been living for short periods in several cities such as London, Gent and Cardiff. During those periods I’ve been studying or working, and at the same time, I’ve been always learning from the people and culture of each place. I feel that all these experiences have added a lot of value to my academic and professional character.

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