The Matboard
The Matboard
The Matboard
The Matboard is a social bookmarking hub for creatives which enables users to explore, share, and inspire creative work.
How To

How to Sign Up?
Login > Sign Up > Follow the step-by-step process

How to Edit Your profile?
My Account > Edit Profile

How to Create a Matboard?
My Matboard > Create Matboard

How to Mat?
My Matboards > Add
Install the "MAT" button and use it to Mat items while browsing the web.

How to Upload work?
My Matboards > Upload

How to Remove a Mat from a Matboard?
Open the Matboard containing the item you wish to remove > Find the Mat > click "remove"

How to Change Your Profile Picture?
Edit Profile > Click "Upload an Image" or "Refresh from Facebook/Twitter"

How to Change my Facebook & Twitter Settings?
My Account > Settings > go to the "Social" section and edit your settings.

How to Delete My Account?
My Account > Settings > Click, "Delete Account"